Julie Thissen (1989) is a French/Dutch product designer. After graduating from ENSCI-Les Ateliers and working for François Azambourg in Paris, she worked for Chris Kabel in Rotterdam and she set up her own design studio in Rotterdam in 2013. In parallel to her studio, she also set up the label the cyclist, which focuses on accessories for urban cyclists and commuters. From her studio, she works on projects in which she likes to blend together functionality, aesthetics, ornaments and patterns. By setting her focus on materials and production processes, her design approach aims to integrate two fundamental principles: a product has to be practical to use and pleasing to the senses. Convinced by the power of collaborations and team work, recent studio work also includes project management and coordination, applied to diverse projects, including publications and events.


Voorhaven 57
3025 HD Rotterdam
The Netherlands




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