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This collection of shoes is a collaboration between Studio Julie Thissen and Perus. Designed by the studio and brought to you by Perus, these shoes perfectly blend the concepts of both parties.

About Perus
Perus is a young brand of shoes and accessories, inspired by travelling. Their quality products feature colourful patterns and they are made accessible through fair pricing by leaving out any middleman. With their program #TwoShoesForSchool, the brand gives back by financing a day of school for a child in Peru for each pair of shoes that is sold.

For this collaboration, Studio Julie Thissen has designed a colourful collection of unisex shoes with a special pattern. The design is inspired by the Rio river, combined with the studio’s signature style. You might have guessed already: the shoes’ pattern is reflective. As you might know, Studio Julie Thissen designs the collections of the cyclist, a brand of accessories with reflective details. The reflective patterns are a decorative element during the day and transform into a safety feature at night. The shoe’s perforated pattern is reflective, making you more visible for surrounding traffic at night. The collection, named Rio, is available on the website of Perus.



In collaboration with Perus


Leather, reflective material


Made in Portugal


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Photography © Perus